The Sirius Firework Company Ltd is one of the UK's leading firework display businesses.

Our artistic outlook towards our displays is unequalled and we use the most amazing products from around the world to ensure our performances are second to none.

With our impeccable safety record as proof of our commitment to our clients, The Sirius Firework Co is the rational choice for any individual or company who require an amazing, safe and unequalled, professionally fired firework or pyrotechnic display.

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The Sirius Firework Co can perform a display at any sports event, stadium opening or arena. Whether its daylight, twilight or night-time our displays can enhance your event to give it the start, interval or finish that it really deserves.

We can use special daylight fireworks to give your daytime show some amazing effects and can also use low-debris products to ensure your playing surface is ready to use immediately after the display.

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At The Sirius Firework Co , we have over 10 years experience in delivering outstanding, professional firework displays. From computer programmed music synchronization and electronic firing panels to specialized hand firing techniques, we keep abreast of the latest trends and our innovative designers constantly strive for new concepts to keep the standards of our shows above the competition’s.

Despite offering a quality service at a value-for-money price, The Sirius Firework Co Ltd operates under a rigorous safety culture. We will not fire a single device if there is any unacceptable danger to our clients, our audience or our firers.


The Sirius Firework Co has performed for a wide number of private clients and comercial groups. We are proud of our past displays and are always overwhelmed by the positive feedback after all of our displays.

Our commercial clients include:

When designing a display we would like to emphasize that the duration of the show is not necessarily a direct measure of the overall effect of the display. It is often better, especially with smaller budgets, to have a shorter display - but with much more going on at any one time - thus increasing the show's overall impact

The following list is intended to serve as a guide to the range, and costs, of The Sirius Firework Co's displays. Each show we fire is individually tailored to best suit the venue and budget and to ensure safety is maintained for each firing site.

Recent legislation has banned the firing of fireworks after 11pm and - in order to ensure all fireworks are complete by this time - we would suggest a start time of no later than 10.30pm.

For a full run-down on our code-of-practice and procedures, or if you would like to know anything about The Sirius Firework Co, please contact us immediatly - we are only too happy to help you to have a perfect fireworks show.

Why do we love fireworks?

A good firework show will keep you with your eyes on the skies for minutes. It seems there is a science behind our fascination for fireworks. Our brains love them, our eyes are delighted and our heart fills with joy every time when we witness the colourful explosions on the sky. They are perfect for a special occasion and heavily used when we celebrate the New Year.

Charming sparkles on the sky

Scientists say that humans appreciate fireworks because of the fact they bring the brain at the edge of fear and fun. Although humans love the fireworks shows, dogs and cats are terrified about them. They do not see the fun in it, but our brains are definitely charmed as soon as we take a glance on the sparkling explosions. Fireworks display the perfect combination of pleasure and pain. The lights shows excite us and they make us crave for more colourful explosions, regardless of how much time they will occur on the sky.

Yet fireworks somehow comfort us because they take place in a controlled environment and we will stay safe while watching the show. Psychologists compare fireworks to a rollercoaster, as we experience simultaneously fear and joy in a place where our brain knows that we are secure. This is actually known as eustress because it is a combination of stress and euphoria. The fear element keeps us enticed and careful, but the entire experience is highlighted and we feel everything amplified.

Whether it is the National Day, Independence Day, your wedding day or New Year, this event will turn into a magical one if you will have fireworks to light up the sky above. Some parents organize fireworks for their child’s birthday, but these colourful shows must be planned in a controlled environment, where the safety of everyone will be ensured. The fireworks must be purchased from an authorized company and a specialist should be there to make sure that there will not be any unpleasant surprises.

Lively colours and noise for a special occasion

You might feel fireworks in your brain every time when you are on, but the feeling does not even compare to the thrills and adrenaline you feel when watching the fireworks dancing on the sky. The colours and noise that will suddenly appear will fascinate you, you will feel adrenaline rushing through your veins and your nerves will crave for more. The temporary colours remind you of a wizard who plays with the stars on the sky and the cascades of glitter above you are just like sorcery.

There are many other reasons why we love fireworks. They bring us closer to the infinite skies and our hearts are closer to our friends and lover. If some people make a wish when they see a falling star, others make more wishes when they witness a fireworks show. If they watch it when they enter a New Year, they might even see their dream transformed into reality. Do you love the vibrant colours of the fireworks?