If you need exciting, reliable and safe pyrotechnics for your indoor or arena show the The Sirius Firework Co can create just the effect you are looking for. From simple stage-mines at a promenant moment to a concert full of amazing effects, we can cover all your needs.

From small concerts or even weddings, up to national tours, our expertise, combined with state-of-the-art equipment, can ensure you have the effect you are looking for. We can obviously carry out full fire-officer tests and as with all our displays, can provide a full method statement and risk assessment.


The Sirius Firework Co has many years experience working with both military and civil aircraft and on all kinds of airfields. We are very familiar with the hazards involved and strictly control our employees and equipment. We are able to comply with strict FOD (Foreign Object Debris/Damage) control policies and conduct detailed sweeps of the operating areas before and after all of our airfield displays.

We can perform pyrotechnics for simulated attack profiles or carry out displays on airfield sites once flying has ceased.

For military displays we perform all shows in accordance with DCI JS 118/02(Firework Displays) .

Contact our team to see how The Sirius Firework Co can enhance your display.


Speak to our staff and see how The Sirius Firework Co can make your party THE event of the year.

Despite offering a quality service at a value-for-money price, The Sirius Firework Co Ltd operates under a rigorous safety culture. We will not fire a single device if there is any unacceptable danger to our clients, our audience or our firers. The company only uses trained staff and quality merchandise. Our staff and products are comprehensively insured for up to £5million and we carry out a full risk assessment at every firing site.